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never search for anything again.


of millenials 2nd screen when watching TV

as does 70% of everyone else


what are we doing while watching our favourite shows?


get more information about the show


using social


look up info on
products in show


communicate with


by seamlessly linking your smartphone to what you are streaming allt makes being “connected” a breeze

allt allows you to interact with what you are viewing live.

Simply open the allt app when viewing an allt-enabled video or live event and you are connected instantly to everything you want to know about what you're seeing.
  • never search for anything again

    instant connection to your favourite celebs, shows, movies, favourite products

  • privacy is key

    no more cookie tracking of your activities, your personal details will never be shared or published – always private all the time

  • advanced IoT experience

    set up your smart home to let the media you watch control your environment – examples lightbulbs, smart fridges.

  • explore the possibilities

    social profiles, wiki links, music links, shopping links, websites, etc.

how it works

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